Board Advisory


In 1985, at the age of 27, the challenge for Gino Costa was to start up his Company’s operations in the People’s Republic of China, making the brand known, selling the first vehicles and creating solid relations. Within five years, Iveco had signed the first Commercial Vehicle joint-venture agreement and over 40,000 vehicles were running on Chinese roads.

In 2013 Gino took on, among other responsibilities, an ever-losing Contract Hire and Rental company in the UK and turned it into a profitable and reputable unit with a fleet of over 2,000 trucks.

While mainly heading commercial operations throughout his career, from product planning and sales to marketing and aftermarket, with full responsibility of P&L, Gino Costa has also overseen automotive manufacturing and industrial operations in China and in Turkey.

During his professional life as an executive of two large multi-national groups, he has delivered growth of market share and profits, and driven his organisations while adapting them to changing circumstances and business cycles. Even when aggressively investing or sharply downsizing, he has always aimed for long-term growth through careful advance planning and strategic consistency.

Always starting by breaking down complexities to their essential simplicity, his experience and vision have enabled him to identify the key success factors for any market trend. By focusing on these factors, forecasting and mitigating potential risks, evaluating outcomes through lean and effective governance, and empowering and motivating teams, Gino Costa has consistently and effectively delivered robust results.

This proven business acumen and strategic vision can be available to your business in the form of Board Membership or Executive Consulting.