Business Growth


An extended global experience generates the ability to capture the finest differences in cultures, perceptions and expectations, talking to different customers in the way that resonates with them; he has developed the capacity to always maintain a well-defined and consistent Brand, while adapting the offer to the demands of each business and its priorities. It includes an activity start-up to populate the Chinese market of over 40,000 buses and Light Commercial Vehicles during a four-years assignment, until a 3-fold growth of LCV sales in the UK while driving a major Brand and product re-positioning.

This vast international experience includes exploring and developing the Indian sub-continent markets, negotiating with Chinese governmental institutions to start a commercial presence in the ‘80s, setting up a comprehensive export system for Turkish products within the Iveco global commercial organisation, consolidating the distribution networks and captive financial companies in Eastern Europe in the ‘90s, managing bus and truck commercial joint ventures in Turkey and Hungary, as well as developing sales and after sales in the Middle East, and managing large commercial organisations in Italy and the UK.

Consulting companies in different industries and services has proven the successful adaptability of his experience and business methods.

A valuable background along with a fine business acumen enable Costacvconsulting to rapidly and effectively capture both the emotional and the factual aspects which drive customer demand in various industries and markets.

This know-how can be available to your business in the form of Agency agreementProject Consulting or Structural Consulting.