Change Management


Through his long professional career driving various organisations around the world, Gino Costa has always held the firm belief that growth and success come only from anticipating market trends and customer’s demands while internally seeking continuos improvements through streamlined processes and a flexible organisation.

He has thus been promoting continuous change while keeping the long-term strategic consistency, from his small Chinese team of the 80’s to his large organisation in Italy. He has driven major turnarounds for his Middle East office in Cairo as well as for his UK companies, including long-distance re-location of the head-office and amalgamation of brands and functions.

In each instance, through the changes, the business results have kept solid or even improved and the employees’ satisfaction has consistently increased.

These amazing achievements have been possible thanks to his deep personal commitment throughout all phases of change, ensuring that teams were aware of and shared the vision, targets and the steps to achieve them. The contents of communication are as important as its form and frequency. Resistance to change, its impact on emotions and on performance cannot be underestimated!

Every change is a risk; it is even more so a great opportunity for improving business results. To fully catch this opportunity, our people need to understand and appreciate the change they are experiencing. Being engaged in all the steps and phases, they will drive it at its highest speed and to the best of its ambitions.

Gino Costa’s business focus and his care for and understanding of individuals will turn your transformation into an immediate success. His skills and advice can be available to your business in the form of Project Senior Consulting.