About Us

Executives by Experience, Advisors by Passion, International by vocation.

The name Costacvconsulting recalls the experience that Gino Costa has had in the Commercial Vehicle industry in 18 different Countries, as well as his keen understanding of individuals and their varying Curricula Vitae.

By effectively leveraging on their differences, he has been able to deliver growth and success.

Since 2017 Costacvconsulting has been growing, thanks to its clients’ trust and satisfaction, with a Team of successful Senior Advisors from different industries, markets and cultures, enriching its business experience with that of institutional representation of a G20 Country for attracting industrial and financial investments. We can then offer a strategic vision to our clients, orienting them to succeed in different competitive environments.

Our passion for improving and innovating enables us to guide companies through markets unpredictability, securing long-term consistency and suggesting necessary organizational transformation.

The effectiveness of our Team is strengthened by partnering with reputed Tax and Law Offices in Italy, with YOURgroup for fractional management and with the power of Sistem Global Consulting in Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore and CIS republics, so representing a solid platform to develop your international footpath.