To offer his international management experience to companies willing to pursue strategic growth and business development

What we do

  • Strategic growth
  • Process optimization
  • Business development
  • Localisation
  • International growth
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Cultural bridging
  • Change management

Our strenghts

Strategic vision to develop businesses in different economic and cultural environments

Senior partners with a wide international experience in Automotive, Aerospace, Biomedical, Defence, FMCG, ICT, Mechanic and Mechatronic industries

Innovative mindset to drive organizational transformation and long-term growth through change

Strategic partnership with Sistem Global, YOURgroup

Our principles

Building on cultural differences to drive innovation and growth.
Breaking down complexity to identify each business’ key factors, driving a profitable growth through the different business cycles.
Guiding and motivating the employees throughout change, overcoming internal resistence.

Grow your business

In Italy
An in-depth knowledge of the Italian institutional and industrial system to help international companies towards success when entering a complex Country full of great opportunities.
A successful team with vast hands-on experience in multiple industries, markets and cultures.
A solid platform to build sustainable international footpath.
In Türkiye
A large experience and network of Gino Costa and partners in managing multi-national and family companies, a comprehensive support from Sistem Global to succeed in Türkiye.