Strategic growth 

We have driven and developed companies in over 30 Countries and across 7 different industries, opening new markets through strategic alliances and investments or successful commercial plans.
Since 2018 we have been successfully representing a G20 governmental institution to attract financial and industrial investments.
Leveraging on our experience, analyzing the different competitive environments and identifying the critical success factors, we design the most effective strategy and propose relevant action plans, identifying the best commercial, industrial or financial partners.

Organisation and process optimisation

Operating in hyper-competitive and quality-uncompromising industries such as Biomedical, Automotive and Aerospace demands an obsessive focus on designing clear, effective and efficient processes implemented by lean and skilled organisations.
Our team was developed based on these principles and continues its growth in this area in order to best guide our clients to combine processes and ‘organisational structures’ to achieve ‘their’ expected growth targets.

Business development

Increasing revenues and profits is every business’ ambition, doing it in a sustainable and lasting manner requires savvy planning and correct resources allocation.
Our experience in marketing durable and consumer goods enables us to support our clients in setting up effective sales networks and driving them to success, to define correct sales targets, to design and execute consistent marketing and sale plans, to prospect new clients procuring RFQs, to manage negotiations and commercial partnerships.


Establishing a company, a sales branch or a liaison office in a new Country requires certainty both for costs and time frames: set-up, registering, authorizations, tax and contributions, accounting, labor and payroll, legal commercial and labor aspects, patents and intellectual property, GDPR, quality certifications.
As Italians in Italy we provide comprehensive assistance to companies wanting to establish themselves in Italy by connecting to a network of specialized offices.
Our partnership with Sistem Global allows us to guarantee all the same services to promote successful establishment in Türkiye and in CIS Republics.

International development

We have managed and developed companies in over 30 Countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South-America, in Automotive, Aerospace, Biomedical, FMCG, Textile-Machinery, Mechanical and Naval industries; we have lived in 10 different Countries and led teams from 15 different cultures, growing cultural and professional competences through various business cycles since the ‘80s.
Building on these experiences, supported by an innovative spirit attuned to changes, we can effectively guide our clients to prioritise markets, to plan objectives and resources, to execute plans for growing internationally, sharing our business networks to achieve the expected results.

Merger & Acquisition

The vast network of personal and business relations resulting from our professional experience as well as from the institutional activity of investment promotion in all industries enables us to overlook a large portfolio of opportunities for mergers and acquisition.
We assist our clients in all critical phases, configurating and presenting M&A operation, identifying the right partner, negotiating and contractual structuring, financial and operational due diligence, identifying financial scheme, integrating and optimizing the new entity.

Cultural bridging

Cultural differences too often become the reason for failures of business projects which have proven successful in different environments, due to misinterpretation of words or behaviours.
Our years of experience in 4 different Continents, managing people of over 15 different cultures with various professional backgrounds enable us to guide you in creating empathy and chemistry, great multiplying factors of the energy that partners engage for a joint project.

Change management

Fast evolution of technology and a competitive environment, growth whether structural or by acquisition, new products and new markets always demand an adaptive organisation and business model and a flexible mindset. Changes bring fears, uncertainty and resistance in small and large organisations.
To succeed through changes teams must understand and share the relevant phases and overall aim; becoming actors of the change, thanks to clear communication and involvement, they will implement the transformation in a fast and effective manner.
We have developed and tested in several contexts a lean and effective method to guide organisations and people thorough changes, with minimal impact on results during the transformation phase.